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Ruby aldridge albert hammond jr dating

Evidence was piling up that Somerset — a pillar of the establishment, nicknamed ‘Podge’ and manager of the Royal Stud at Sandringham — was at the centre of a network of rent boys.

Parke was disgusted at this hypocrisy.’In November 2012, we have celebrities clamouring for new curbs on the Press, and the Leveson Inquiry seemingly likely to support them, even as we discover how Jimmy Savile and perhaps other celebrities preyed on young girls.

Is there a better moment to remember the Cleveland Street scandal?

Thankfully, prison didn’t damage Ernest Parke’s career.

He became a much-loved editor of The Star, a campaigning liberal newspaper.

During the inquiries, a 15-year-old telegraph boy called Charles Swinscow was found with 18 shillings — nearly £1, two months’ wages for him.

Messenger boys were not allowed to carry personal cash while working.

It was their lenient sentences that made my forebear Ernest Parke suspicious.

As the editor of the obscure North London Press, he questioned why the boys had been given only a few months’ hard labour — which usually meant quarrying, road building or dock work.

Suspecting Swinscow’s involvement in the theft, Hanks brought him in for questioning — and found he had hooked a rather bigger catch than he’d thought.

The house was 19 Cleveland Street — near today’s Goodge Street Tube station — and it turned out to be an upmarket male brothel run by a certain Charles Hammond and employing several Post Office messenger boys as prostitutes.

One of his journalists wrote later: ‘Both by his example and kindly encouragement he got the best possible work out of his men.’As for the scandal he exposed, the whiff lived on.