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By the end of January 1942, the last Allied forces crossed the strait of Johore and into Singapore.

There were no roads on the Tenasserim, only cart tracks, and only foot paths and cart tracks crossed the Kra to Thailand. King Thibaw’s army had not surrendered in 1886, it had dispersed and turned brigand (Dacoit).

We will help you to arranged the very rare and amizing collections of Dai Nippon Occupations Indonesia postal and document special for you. I had add in my block the articles odf Dai nippon war from all east asia countries, many collectors and friend asking me to edited that all information in one book, and now I have finish that amizing book. Not many Historic Pictures durting this period, if we found always in bad condition and black _white as the book illustrations, I hope someday the best colour pictures will exist to add in the book. This book is the part of the Book :”THE DAI NIPPON WAR” 6.

My Collections still need more info and corrections from the collectors of all over the world,thanks for your partcipatnt to make this collections more complete.

Ba Maw courageously defended Saya San against charges of sedition and treason.

Although Saya San’s life was eventually forfeit, the case helped sow the seeds of rebellion in the hearts and minds of the people of Burma (Myanmar). Ba Maw, the trial embodied the plight of the downtrodden, in particular, the Burmese (Myanmar) peasants.

Ba Maw authored several important initiatives in the pursuit of universal health-care and education for all Burmese (Myanmar).

One of these initiatives helped establish State scholarships for postgraduate students; another abolished the unpopular and onerous British tax of five rupees a person; and yet another instituted the State lottery.

This E-Book Dedicated To President Aung Syu-Ki Because many informations about her father General aung San and His loving Country during the WW II I am sorry this E-Book still need more corrections and please send comment and more info Dai Nippon War In Burma(Myanmar) Created By Dr IWAN SUWANDY, MHA Private Limited E-Book In Cd-ROM Edition Special for Senior Collecvtors 1.