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On the one hand, this means that it supports a kind of everytherapist, which certainly maximises the utility of the room as a hire-space.

For further information, or to sign up as a supporter, check out the psychotherapy and counselling union flyer (pdf).

A trio of trainees take turns to swap the roles Therapist, Client, and Observer.

I remember being client in one skills practice session, and discussing the problem of thinking so much about what I wanted to say that I never got to say it.

This kind of experimentation has its roots in behavioural therapy, and usually has the aim of increasing the versatility of a person’s behavioural range. Where a behavioural therapy would say, “you are unable to respond in less than 3 seconds, so here’s an exercise for getting better at that”, gestalt therapy says, “you are unable to respond in less than 3 seconds, isn’t that curious?

But even this isn’t the lesson for a gestalt therapist. Let’s experiment with that and see what’s going on”.

This gives rise to the problem of thinking for too long, and never speaking as a result.

It also gives rise to the problem of waiting for one’s turn to speak at the sacrifice of listening. One of the main ways trainee therapists prepare for practice is by practising on each other in small groups.

I gain response-ability, and even if I shrug and let that awareness slip away again, that’s a choice I have made. In their own words, the PCU aims to: I’m particularly pleased to see issues like diversity in the profession, and campaigning against “benefits therapy” included in the list.